Salmonella Detection and Identification Workshop (Private)
International Food Safety Training Laboratory
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Course Description

The International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) at JIFSAN will conduct a customized, one-week, hands-on laboratory training. The private training focuses on standardized methods used in the screening and isolation of Salmonella in products, raw materials and environments. The course is laboratory intensive, covering Salmonella analyses utilizing typical and atypical strains. The training includes lab-based sessions covering Salmonella analyses in detail, "tricks of the trade," common mistakes, and discussions about preserving the credibility of data through the use of Standard Methods, chain of custody and good laboratory practices. Discussions pertaining to the use of data will cross over into management of microbiological issues and microbiological control programs to a limited extent. Multiple rapid detection instruments are demonstrated and used for practical exercises in the laboratory in addition to cultural methods. Both BAM and ISO methods are thoroughly reviewed.