January 2018 Issue
JIFSAN is continuing its work in Asia to strengthen food safety laboratories through participation in a collaborative project between Food Industry Asia and the Asian Development Bank. This program aims to strengthen the food supply chain through training in risk assessment, numerous aspects of supply chain management and laboratory testing.
Dr. Angela Winslow presents current research on the Bacteriological Quality of Maryland and Imported crab meat at IFT 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.
Keynote Presentation Title: "The analytical and economic challenges of maintaining food safety in a global supply chain"
Those who have come to the the IFSTL know that we always request a "transfer plan", i.e. a structured plan to either deploy a method learned in the training or to propagate the training received. Teddie had planned the latter and had been trying to achieve his goal for over 2 years. Perseverance and networking paid off and Teddie tells us his story.
IFSTL prepares for this summer's Microbiology Training Programs.
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IFSTL Global Demands

The interactive map below represents the high demand for our courses. The IFSTL trains participants from all over the world, from industry and academia. This map shows the locations where our trainees come from.