IFSTL hosting "Laboratory Investigation of Foodborne Illness"

The JIFSAN International Food Safety Training Laboratory will be the host of a private course for U.S. public health laboratories entitled "Laboratory investigation of foodborne illness" April 28-May 1, 2015.

This three and one-half day basic to intermediate level workshop will feature in-depth presentations and hands-on sessions on bacterial foodborne illness. Experts will present the most current information on test methodologies including separation techniques, PCR technology and toxin testing. The role of the public health laboratory (PHL) in foodborne illness investigation will be discussed. Strategies in laboratory safety and method validation will be presented. Participants will perform a variety of testing methods using selected foodborne etiological agents.

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If you are not an analyst in a U.S. public health laboratory but would like us to  host a public session of this course, please let us know at Please note that public courses are not sponsored and consequently have a registration fee.