Methods of Determination for Mycotoxins Course

IMG_5048The International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) conducted a “Methods of Determination for Mycotoxins” course from March 2-11, 2015.

Dr. Janie Dubois, the IFSTL Laboratory Manager, instructed fifteen students from all over the world, including Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and Egypt. Twelve of the participants took the JIFSAN course on a USDA Emerging Markets grant that supported registration fees and travel.IMG_4990

The course covered regulations concerning mycotoxins in food and participants practiced laboratory methods designed to identify and quantitate mycotoxins. The course followed the FDA and USDA Mycotoxin Compliance Program and allowed participants to practice ELISA plate and lateral flow methods, fluorescence and UV detection, and LC-MS/MS analyses.IMG_5065

The next “Methods of Determination for Mycotoxins” course will run from July 20-24, 2015. To register, visit the IFSTL page. Get updates from JIFSAN by following us on Twitter (@JIFSAN) , LinkedIn, and Facebook.