JIFSAN Completes Whole Genome Sequencing Pilot Course

IMG_5232 - Version 2 JIFSAN's International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) held a Whole Genome Sequencing pilot course March 16-20, 2015.    This five-day training included lectures presented by subject matter experts from the FDA, NCBI, QIAGEN and CDC.  The training also incorporated hands-on laboratory experiments and software mediated data analysis simulations.


Field application specialists from Illumina were present to discuss Base Space Cloud Computing and Nextera XT Sample Preparation using the Illumina MiSeq.

Sixteen participants from Florida, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee and Texas learned the scientific basis and critical aspect of next generation sequencing technology while gaining an understanding of the Genome Trakr network and how to traceback contamination events.

Please visit our upcoming classes page for a list of our microbiology trainings and for updates on future Whole Genome Sequencing Trainings and registration information.