Year 2015 at the Lab!

The  end of a year is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished in the last 12 months and here at JIFSAN, especially in the Lab, we can honestly say that we've had a great year and made a lot of new friends!

Let's have a look:

IMG_3562Cochran fellows from India visited us in October. IMG_5899 Everyone loved instructor Luis Suguyiama!

IMG_5883We talked about pesticides, economics, MRLs, but of course, everyone had to work in the lab too! Way to go Mani!IMG_5850

It was a great privilege to have Dr. Rick Gilmore of the GC Group, a brilliant economist, to marry our lab reality with that of international trade.IMG_3552

Our vet drugs class in September visited Jeff Cardan at MTC Logistics in Jessup, MD, a fantastic tour of a refrigerated import facility crowned with a chat with their USDA inspector!IMG_3331

Janie traveled to the Philippines in August to present the laboratory capacity building work of the APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum PTIN.

IMG_3319 IMG_3318PTIN coordinator extraordinaire Megan Crowe of the Department of Commerce opened the industry-regulatory cooperation workshop.


Joseph participated in his first training abroad, vet drug residue in Shanghai, China (on a very rainy week in August!).IMG_3289

Cooperations are strong and endure the test of time and career changes. We started working with Dr. David Ji in 2013 on a prioritization of capacity building project of the APEC FSCF while he was at the Qindao Agricultural University, and there he is in August 2015, a guest instructor from the private multi-national lab Harrens! IMG_3281The team of instructors at a reproduction of training in China in August 2015! That's what train-the-the-trainers programs are all about!

Reproduction of training on vet drug residues at the Waters facility in Shanghai.


Meeting with the Ambassador of Cameroon in Washington DC in July 2015.

IMG_5758Training on mycotoxins in July.

IMG_5757Lab work is always fun around here!IMG_5014Early in the training on mycotoxins in March, with ever-so-generous instructor Dr. Kristina Williams of the US FDA.IMG_5103End of training on mycotoxins in March. Congratulations everyone!IMG_3221

Summer student Tobi admiring the beautiful (and tasty) peaches donated by the Western Maryland Research and Education Center for her project on pesticide residues.


And yes, that's what proper sampling looks like!IMG_3183Tobi presented her results in a very professional manner.IMG_3170Tobi's assistant Christophe prepared peaches using the QuEChERS method.
IMG_3104 Who would not think this is the best summer internship ever!IMG_3095Although it was serious work...IMG_3089A large group from the Maryland University of Integrative Health took a Saturday class on the identification of botanical ingredients in dietary supplements.
IMG_3065 Janie took a day off to learn to fly a plane :-)IMG_3006Iris from China got to pick strawberries during a field trip to learn about agricultural practices used in Maryland.
IMG_2994Isis and Shabeer ate at least as much as they put in the basket!IMG_2988Learning about agricultural practices at the Western Maryland Research and Education Center.

A great training in Malaysia once again! And never forget to take a photo with everyone's name tag in the picture :-)))IMG_2978 IMG_2976 IMG_2975 IMG_2972Mary Trucksess enjoying traditional Indian food in Malaysia! IMG_2923

It takes a trip to the Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop to see our friends from Costa Rica. Veronica and Jessie will be part of the organization for the next LAPRW hosted in Costa Rica in 2017.IMG_2922We also met Ximena, whom everyone will recognize from the poster in the hallway.
First reproduction of training in China, in April.IMG_2834
Sample preparation in Shanghai.
IMG_6443And LC/MS/MS analysis.IMG_2813_2
We all love cryogrinding!
IMG_6331 When the trainee becomes the trainer! Bravo!
IMG_6304 - ∏±±æThe GFSP training program in Shanghai was a great success in large part thanks to the Waters team who took care of all the logistics, the press and us! Thank you!IMG_6257
Speakers at the GFSP event in Shanghai Drs. Steve Yan and Merton Smith from the US FDA, Siew-Moi Wee from Nestle in Singapore and Hans Marvin from Wageningen RU in The Netherlands.IMG_6256Speaker Dr. Xiaoou Su of the Institute of Quality Standard and Testing Technology for Agro-Products of CAAS. IMG_6225
Professor Junshi Chen from the China National Center for Food Safety and Risk Assessment.
IMG_6128 The industry-government speakers day attracted a lot of attention.


Dr. Siew-Moi Wee of Nestle gave an interesting perspective of lab work in industry.IMG_3437
Training on LC/MS/MS determination of food contaminants -selfie!IMG_3775 When FDA's Dr. Jon Wong is your instructor, a selfie is not enough!IMG_5826USDA methods for microbiological analysis really have a way of uniting analysts from around the world!IMG_5804


US Department of Agriculture's chief scientist Dr. Steven J. Lehotay trains participants from China at the JIFSAN laboratories.

Special mention to Dr. Steve Lehotay of the USDA Agriculture Research Service: A fantastic instructor, and the poster-child for all lab capacity building activities in the APEC region!

FGSP/JIFSAN participants

lab manager2

We don't just play in the lab, we also contribute some information to trade magazines like this one :-)Lab manager june_2015_training_featuredTraining on whole genome sequencing, the future of epidemic tracking!IMG_5714 IMG_5559There is so much to learn in microbiology! Good thing we have fabulous instructors contributing to our workshops!
IMG_5578I don't know what we would do without all our FDA friends who help teach microbial methods! Thank you!

Happy new year 2016 everyone!

The IFSTL team
(Angela, Joseph, Abigail and Janie)