Washington DC in February: A Worthwhile Experience!


Instructor explaining in the laboratory

Washington 027

Group in front of the White House in Washington D.C.

We had record colds, we had snow, but we also had a fantastic hands-on laboratory workshops on methods for the determination of aflatoxins in food. The 8-day workshop, sponsored for most participants by the USDA's Emerging Markets Program, brought together instructors from the University of Maryland, the US FDA, USDA (GIPSA) and Vicam with laboratory analysts from Gambia, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Mexico and Indonesia.

After a very productive first week, participants took advantage of the weekend to visit Washington D.C. and do a little bit of shopping! The return to the lab bench on Monday morning was disrupted by an incoming snow storm, so the next two days were intense! All participants obtained their results and presented a very carefully laid out implementation plan that will hep them apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the workshop in their work.

We will miss you here at the lab, but our network is enriched by your presence!