A Success Story from Malawi

Analysts training in rapid testing for aflatoxins

Analysts training in rapid testing for aflatoxins

Participants in train-the-trainer program at the International Food Safety Training Laboratory in JIFSAN, University of Maryland.

Training group sponsored under a USDA's Emerging Markets Program with instructors Chris Borbonne (Vicam), Kristina Williams (FDA) and Mary Trucksess (FDA-Ret/JIFSAN).

Training group photo in Malawi

Training group photo in Malawi

Teddie Mollande participated in a train-the-trainer program on methods of determination for mycotoxins in March 2015 under an Emerging Markets Program grant from the USDA.

Those who have come to the the IFSTL know that we always request a "transfer plan", i.e. a structured plan to either deploy a method learned in the training or to propagate the training received. Teddie had planned the latter and had been trying to achieve his goal for over 2 years. Perseverance and networking paid off and Teddie tells us the story below:

"l am happy to tell you a success story that I have succeeded in training a good number of individuals on aflatoxin testing in two regions of Malawi namely the central region and the Southern region of Malawi. This came to happen as a result of joint collaboration of AgriLife Research / APTECA from Texas A&M Univervisity headed by Professor Timothy Herrman and Malawi Bureau of Standards, Grain Traders and Processors of Malawi and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). Professor Timothy Herrman provided all requirements for the training.

A total number of 45 participants( 21 from Blantyre - Southern part and 24 from the central part of Malawi) were trained on Vicam and Reveal Q+ platforms on how to prepare the sample and then test for aflatoxin using the mentioned platforms.

It was really a memorable occasion, I thank very much Professor Timothy Herrman for the initiative and full support both materially and financially. I clap hands for him, he is a very great man. I have attached herein the participants who attended the training and some still photos as evidence of this report.

Further Professor Timothy Herrman has proposed similar training to take place in Zambia and Mozambique. So if all goes well we will conduct the training quite soon. We were 4 instructors in the training, I myself Teddie Mollande from Malawi Bureau of Standards , Professor Timothy Herrman Texas A&M Univervisity, Dr Limbika from LUANAR and Sammy Kakhata from AgriLife Research in Kenya.

We hope to sustainably continue with this initiative to some parts of the country and other countries to ensure mitigation or rather reduction of aflatoxin in agricultural products. But also build capacity in instructors in aflatoxin testing and encourage more to participate in aflatoxin proficiency testing."