Mars private training in detection of Salmonella -Testimonial

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Hi Angela, Janie, Bob and Marie

On behalf of our team, thanks to you and your staff for the truly excellent microbiology training program held at the JIFSAN International Food Safety Training Laboratory last week.  We had 15 cross-segment attendees from around the globe who universally agreed that the program met their needs with respect to understanding Salmonella as a pathogen, as well as the importance of sampling and the methods by which Salmonella is cultured and detected.  They will be able to apply what they learned in their region and many of the attendees would like to see more lab based training programs developed.

The ability to bring in trainers from Dupont Qualicon and BioMerieux was invaluable.  They provided first-hand information on the technology behind their pathogen screening systems and the correct protocols for operating the instrumentation with hands-on lab exercises. Partnering with Deibel Labs, the participants were able to actually see and review the unusual biochemical reactions expressed by atypical strains.  Dr. Wang, from the University of Maryland, provided an excellent overview of molecular based detection methods.  Additionally, the PFGE and PulseNet presentation by Dr. Morris Blaylock of the Washington D.C. Department of Public Health was very well received and illustrates the reach your facility has in being able to provide speakers of this caliber.

Bob, your sessions on factors affecting the growth, survival and detectability of pathogens provided essential and effective training in much needed areas.  Janie, Bob and Angela, thank you for spending as much time as you did with the participants – they benefited from the interaction and being able to have casual discussions over the course of the week.

The facility was comfortable and provided more than enough laboratory space to accommodate the group. The training and lab manuals will be important resources for the participants in the future.  Most importantly we were kept well fed by Marie who also gets high praise for coordinating the registration process, helping to organize our team building exercise and generally making logistics easy.

The program took months to develop and the program that resulted met every expectation. We look forward to working with you again on future training courses.


Laurie S. Post, Ph.D.
Senior Manager Microbiology and Food Safety

See pictures from this training workshop at: Photos of training course

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