First Ever Rapid Methods Course a Success!

The IFSTL Rapid Methods in Food Microbiology course hosted instructors from the U.S. FDA and the University of Maryland.  This course provided a combination of topics on the regulatory protocols used in the FDA's Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), as well as the benefits and future trends for rapid methods.  Our teaching cadre included Dr. Sufian (Suf) Al Khaldi (FDA), Sherry Ayers (FDA), Dr. Morris Blaylock (DC Public Health Laboratory), Dr. Robert (Bob) Buchanan (UMD), Dr. Atin Datta (FDA), Dr. Narjol Gonzales-Escalona (FDA), Dr. Scott Jackson (FDA), Dr. Junia Jean-Gilles Beaubrun (FDA), and Dr. Hua Wang (FDA).

Our participants came from the eastern seaboard (DC, MD, NC), the west coast (CA), and outside of the U.S. (Bangladesh, Korea, Indonesia).  They all had the opportunity to explore multiple pathogen detection methods using instruments such as the 3M Molecular Detection System, Bio-Rad iQ-Check, BioMerieux Vidas, DuPont BAX Q7 System, and Life Technologies ABI 7500 Fast and interact with experts from each company.

See what you missed!

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