International Food Safety Training Lab

The International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) is a 4,600 square feet laboratory facility located at the University of Maryland. It is the home of JIFSAN's latest program focusing on laboratory capacity building to ensure the safety of the US food supply and harmonization of analytical methods worldwide.

JIFSAN was established between the United States Food and Drug Administration and the University of Maryland in April 1996. The Institute is a jointly administered, multidisciplinary research and education program and includes research components from the FDA Centers for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and Veterinary Medicine, and the University of Maryland.

The partnership between the University and the FDA have resulted in numerous fruitful research and educational collaborative projects, but also a realization that the educational mission of JIFSAN would benefit from the addition of laboratory training in food safety. IFSTL was created thanks to a public-private partnership between JIFSAN and the Waters Corporation who provided a substantial financial contribution that enabled the construction of the laboratory and continued support helping us fulfill our equipment needs.

IFSTL is located in M-Square, the University of Maryland research park, next door neighbors to the US FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), College Park, MD. This close proximity facilitates the participation of FDA scientists as trainers at IFSTL.